Installing BOG in Windows 7, MacOS, (linux)

These instructions should help you get the Better Optimizer for GemRay (BOG) up and running under modern operating systems, such as Win7, MacOS, and linux.

Note: BOG works with the original, freeware DOS GemRay, not GemRayWin, which was released in 2012. To my knowledge, BOG will not work with GemRayWin for Windows. In all of the following, GemRay refers to the DOS version, specifically version 1.43 or later.

The Problem…

BOG helps you optimize pavilion and crown angles by repeatedly calling GemRay and adjusting things to maximize your specified Merit Function. You can learn more about how BOG works here. The advent of Vista and later Win7 broke BOG, because GemRay is a DOS (!) program, and Microsoft ceased all DOS support with Vista.

The Solution…

You can get BOG to work on a Win7 machine, but it takes a few gymnastics. Many users have done this successfully. Note that you can also use these instructions to set up BOG (and GemRay, GemCAD, DataVue, etc.) on Vista, MacOS, or even linux.

Here's the workaround: Run BOG (and GemRay, and Datavue, etc.) under an old operating system within a "virtualization environment," such as VirtualBox. It sounds more complicated than it is. Just follow the links below for detailed instructions.

Note that other virtualization environments, such as VirtualPC, Parallels, VMWare, etc. should work, although I have never tested them. If you try another environment, please e-mail me so that I can post the information for others. Thanks for contributing to community-based software!

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Installing BOG
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Installing BOG
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Installing BOG
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