Green Flash
by Tom Herbst

Green Flash was inspired by the shape of a beautifully-coloured piece of Norwegian Peridot. It seems that the prettiest rough always comes in the strangest shapes.

The green flash is an atmospheric phenomenon seen at the rising or setting sun (see here for more info). Given the horizon / sunburst form of the stone, the name seemed a natural.

Cutting notes: (1). You will probably want to cut P1 at index 15 and 81 as well, in order to get the girdle meet for P3. These facets will be later cut away. (2) Note that the dop center is far from the stone center! The dop center will be the temporary center point created by P1. Take this into account for the initial dopping (and use a smaller dop).

Green Flash is a straightforward design suitable for all skill levels. BOG-optimized for ISO (85%) and tilt in Peridot.

At right is a 6x9mm, 1.8 carat Green Flash cut in Norwegian Peridot.

GemCAD and GemRay output for Green Flash appear below. The GemCAD file is available here.