by Tom Herbst

I designed Hexpo to get the most out of a beautiful, large, hexagonal nodule of pink tourmaline. The design worked out amazingly well - this is perhaps the most visually interesting of the 50 or so stones I have cut.

The name comes from hexagon + expo, since the crown pattern reminds me of the Expo '67 logo used to celebrate Canada's centenary in 1967 (yes, I am that old).

Hexpo is a straightforward design, and is appropriate to all skill levels. BOG-optimized for ISO (84%) and tilt.

At right is a N mm, M ct Hexpo cut in flawless Nigerian tourmaline.


GemCAD and GemRay output for Hexpo appear below. The GemCAD file is available here.

NEW! Hexpo optimized for USFG rules (score: 378). GemCAD file here.