Tom's Original Gem Designs

BBS - A simple, stretched, triangle cushion BOG-optimized for beryl
BluZerk - A keystone design optimized for zircon
Figaro - A spiral round BOG-optimized for tourmaline

Fritz - An unusual reflector BOG-optimized for tourmaline

Green Flash - An interesting sunburst design - BOG optimized for Peridot

Hexpo - A very lively hexagon for tourmaline NEW! USFG optimized version available
Integral-8 - An asymmetric round with lots of sparkle - shown here in tourmaline
Keystar - A keystone with starburst for tourmaline
North by Northwest - A simple yet sparkly design, optimized for tourmaline
O-Pace - A frosted design with a message - optimized for Contra-Luz Opal
Sepang - An unusual pie-shaped design. BOG optimized for garnet
Tearbuncle - A fast and simple teardrop BOG optimized for garnet
Topo - A very flashy checker-burst design BOG optimized for topaz
Trigger - A striking geometric trangle cushion BOG optimized for tourmaline
Tris de Garnet - Simple yet very lively design for garnet

If you cut one of these, please let me know how it worked out.

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