BOG Online Tutorial and Documentation

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version 1.2

Welcome to BOG!

This online tutorial and documentation will help you to get started with BOG, the Better Optimizer for GemRay. The program is very simple to install and use, and you should be able to derive useful results from BOG within a few minutes. Understanding and taking full advantage of the program will take somewhat longer, but this will be time well spent.

If you are an experienced BOG user, you might want to check out What's New

Rather than read through the entire documentation, you should try following the Quick Start Tutorial.

Thanks for trying BOG, and I hope you find it helpful.


Installing BOG
Quick Start Tutorial
  PlayPen Tutorial
  Tilt Performance Tutorial
  Merit Function Mapper Tutorial

How BOG Optimization works
Merit Function and Optimization Targets
Clarification of the Tilt Performance Optimization Target

What to do with the results...

Troubleshooting BOG

About Weighting Factors

Clarification of the Dispersion Optimization Target


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