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Gem Designs

Tom' Original Gem Designs - a small collection of easy-to-cut designs

Tips and Techniques

Tom's Transfer - an optical method for aligning a stone after transfer

Polymetric Scintillator Upgrade - add a more accurate micrometer head for height adjustment, including depth of cut indicator.

How I Dop - NEW - Step by step tutorial on a hybrid wax-epoxy technique

Rough Loss Chart - Quickly calculate loss of yield if you have to cut out an internal flaw (or if you dop inaccurately)

BOG Stuff

BOG and the Fluorite SRB - BOG's solution to Bob Keller's puzzle

BOG and the Ringo Challenge - BOG's take on the Jim "Ringo" Perkins challenge

BOG and the USFG Competition - A modified version of BOG which lets you evaluate hex designs

Miscellaneous Interesting Stuff

How flat is BATT? - an inteferometric test shows how flat the BATT lap can polish

Best of Both Worlds - Spotted in France: A hybrid faceter that works like both a mast and platform machine...


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